Studio – Tmn Bukit Segar Cheras

Surround by notably large in size yoga centres, Surya Yoga Cheras outshine with its boutique yoga outlook. Leads by a couple, whom are the owner of this Surya Yoga Cheras hold fallacy of willpower and seeing the body as an opportunity for a quest of yoga.

Taking the chance of it’s boutique size, Surya Yoga Cheras organize specialized and custom made yoga classes for small group of yoga practitioners. You will experience exclusivity and attention to detail classes where the teacher pays close attention to the details of every element for your body alignment, movement to support active development of mind and spiritual.

With the talent craftsmanship, the owner has set a soft side of Surya Yoga Cheras decorations with some handmade handicraft that evokes the feeling of warmth and of comfort venue.


  • Open daily as per schedule.
  • Close on Selangor State Holidays & Public Holidays.

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