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Surya Yoga is located in the urban oasis of the heart city of Petaling Jaya, Surya Yoga offers large variety of yoga styles, different needs and yoga practices. Inspiring by the passion of yoga and driven by her heart, Josephine, affectionately known as Jo whom is the founder of Surya Yoga runs the business whole heartedly.

Surya Yoga has a group of qualified teaches with varied background, life experiences and training unique approach to living and teaching yoga. Motivated by out doing something differently, Surya Yoga believe in bringing glorious positive change, they have combine new approach with traditional knowledge of yoga practices creating own brand of yoga and Pilates. It moves towards solution focused depending on what are your needs and goals.

With time, Surya Yoga is recognized leader in Yoga and guidance to styles of yoga. In business, Surya Yoga is a fundamental partner in health and wellness initiatives providing vibrant and fun experiences by doing Yoga, gracefully intertwines emotional, mental and physical health by incorporating your mind, body and soul.



We envision to reach out to greater community yoga passionate group. By connecting to the dots, we inspire to cultivate the community to discover yoga and take in challenges of human lives with an open hearted.

We invite more yoga passionate be empowered and forester life balance through yoga.


Lifestyle choices lead you from good to great. Welcoming yoga practices promote you for overall healthy wellbeing. Happier and healthier in life responses from what you inspire from yoga.